Checking in from the World of Funemployment

So now that we sold Citizen Sports to Yahoo and my day to day duties at Citizen Sports are done, I’ll hopefully have more time to blog.

I’ve been doing a ton of speaking for some amazing companies and groups. Also, I’ve been doing my best as an NBA prognosticator. I was the only “expert” to pick the Celts over the Cavs (which they did in exactly six as I predicted) and now I’m the only “expert” (save Henry’s mom) who has the Celts over the Magic. It won’t be as easy as it was in game one but the Celts do look like they are much more like the team of 2008 than that of the second half of 2010. If Sheed and Perk can continue to cover Howard one on one they have a good shot to pull off the upset.

As for the other NBA series, many experts are giving the Suns a fighting chance and most analytical systems have the Suns as the top team from the second half of the 2010 season. So I’d have to say the Suns at +300 for the series is an appealing bet. I have the Lakers in seven in the Stat Geek Smackdown, but that prediction wreaks of someone not wanting to take a stand.


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